Shotton Mill LIMITED

Eren Holding

Established in 1969, Eren Holding is a family run conglomerate headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey. It has business interests in paper, packaging, cement, energy, retail and port operations. Modern Karton, the paper manufacturing subsidiary, is an expert in producing paper and packaging by using 100% recycled fibres. Within its paper factory in Turkey, 1.2 million tonnes of paper are produced annually, making it the largest paper manufacturer in Turkey and one of the top 10 paper companies in Europe.

Shotton Mill’s History

Shotton Mill Limited was founded in 1983 and the Mill, until recently, produced newsprint paper. Due to the decline in newspaper consumption, the Mill has been sold for the wholesale redevelopment of the Site, which includes expansion into previously undeveloped areas of the Site.

Operations are continuing at the Mill, even though newsprint production has ceased: these include processing of recovered materials from collections around the UK; energy generation from the biomass facility; and preparation of wood for the biomass plant. In addition, administration and engineering staff are still based at the Mill.

Shotton Mill Limited employed around 530 people directly during the height of production in the 1990s, but as newsprint demand declined the numbers reduced to around 190 at the point that Newsprint manufacture ceased on site. This represents a large skilled and experienced workforce that Eren Holding intends to retain during the conversion of the Site to new product production. Eren Holding has ensured that all existing employees’ have been retained during the transition to new ownership.

Our Plans

Established in 1969, Eren Holding is a family run business with headquarters based in Istanbul, Turkey. We are highly experienced in paper manufacturing and other industrial commodities, employing over 8,000 people globally with an annual turnover in excess of €3.9 billion and total assets of over €3.1 billion. Our plans to repurpose and expand Shotton Mill Limited will deliver a market leading operation, with the newest innovations and technologies, making the Mill an exemplar flagship facility in the UK and Europe.

Our plans will continue Eren Holding’s ambition to make Shotton Mill Limited one of the UK’s largest and most advanced technology paper mills, with a paper production capacity of 750,000 tonnes per year of containerboard and 210,000 tonnes per year of tissue.

"Eren Holding undertook a public consultation on the expansion of the Mill last year, between Monday 21st March 2022 and Tuesday 19th April 2022. The consultation received 31 responses with the majority expressing support for the plans to expand and repurpose operations at Shotton Mill Limited. Flintshire County Council subsequently granted planning permission for the following:

 - Redevelopment of the main site aand development of the expansion site

 - Piling works"

We are now bringing forward two proposals to deliver a boiler building and a new Combined Heat and Power Plant (CHP). One application for a boiler building will be submitted to Flintshire County Council and the application for the CHP will be submitted to the Welsh Government.